Quick Facts

3000+ Service Connections

Size: 180+ Miles of Pipe in Ground

4 Communities Served


Tasks Completed

Data Review | Data Clean Up

ArcGIS Online Implementation

Locational Data Enhancement

GPS Data Collection & Infered Assets

GIS Data Editor 


Using Existing Data

Like most water utilities Gardiner Water District (GWD) had pre-exisitng GIS data that was in a format they couldn’t readily edit without assistance from a contractor. Refering to a PDF or paper map now and then was all they could do. 

Hence the start of moving to ArcGIS Online. Now able to access items from there phone. 

Asset Capture, Update, Enhancement

As water districts grow and add-on there are always assets being relocated or added. When we conducted data capture we wanted to make sure it was consistent with the data format GWD was after post our data review.

What was found during data capture is that a number of assets previously collected were infact misplaced. Because we could see this in the field, we were able to update the data right then and there.

What came thereafter was enhancement of data. From addition of things found or recaptured in the field, to addressess and account numbers assigned to the parcels provided by the town, the data was designed and made more consistant for all workers involved.

A System On Their Terms

GWD doesn’t have the newest and greatest equipment. Nor should it have to. What was sought was an editor that any staff member at the district could use. Enter ArcGIS Online Webapps. Through online access, GWD can update and maintain information from the office or from home. Best part, no extra expense for a program that they will only use as a reference tool.

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