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3000+ Service Connections

Size: 180+ Miles of Pipe in Ground

4 Communities Served


Tasks Completed

Data Review | Data Clean Up

ArcGIS Online Implementation

Locational Data Enhancement

GPS Data Collection & Infered Assets

GIS Data Editor 

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Using Existing Data

Prior to implementing ArcGIS Online, Gardiner Water District (GWD) shared a common issue with many water utilities: their GIS data was in a format that required the assistance of a contractor to modify. As a result, they were limited to referencing PDFs or paper maps intermittently.

However, with the adoption of ArcGIS Online, GWD has been able to overcome this challenge and gain significant advantages. Now, they have the ability to access GIS data directly from their phones and make modifications in real-time, streamlining their workflow and enhancing their overall efficiency.

Asset Capture, Update, Enhancement

As water districts expand and evolve, assets are frequently relocated or added, leading to ongoing updates and maintenance of the associated data. Given this reality, it was crucial for us to ensure that the data we captured was consistent with GWD’s desired format following our thorough data review.

During our data capture process, we made a startling discovery: many previously collected assets had been misplaced. Luckily, our ability to observe the assets in the field enabled us to make the necessary updates immediately.

In addition, we were able to take this opportunity to enhance the overall quality of the data we collected. This involved incorporating new findings from the field and assigning addresses and account numbers to the parcels provided by the town, ensuring a higher level of consistency across all GWD workers who utilize the data.

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A System On Their Terms

GWD recognizes that the latest and most advanced equipment may not always be necessary for their operations. Instead, they sought an editing tool that could be utilized by any staff member within the district, and ArcGIS Online Webapps was the perfect solution. By enabling online access, GWD can now efficiently update and maintain information from the office or even from home.

What’s more, this approach eliminates the need for investing in an additional program that would only serve as a reference tool. Ultimately, ArcGIS Online Webapps provides GWD with a cost-effective and user-friendly option for data management that supports their needs and helps improve overall efficiency.

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