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Our Vision is to help towns, muni’s, utilities, and businesses embrace their locational information making sharing information between users and other organizations easier, more transparent, and effective!

Our Mission

Honey Badger Analytics seeks to enable small governments, municipalities, businesses, and utilities with locational analytics that maximize organizational resources while decreasing the loss of institutional knowledge. We have partnered with multiple organizations to provide a network of services catering to smaller governments and municipalities, providing them with resources regardless of their organizational size. Our projects are unique to our customers’ wants and needs, aiming to assist small governments and municipalities in flourishing.

Our Story

Our owner, Bradford Folta Jr, started Honey Badger Analytics to help customers leverage their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) now referred to as Locational Analytics. From his time working at several public agencies, a university, and in the private sector, Bradford noticed that most organizations were either too specific with their use of GIS or just used it for reference maps. He believed that it could and offer so much more, but never got buy-in from management.

No matter the organization he worked, Bradford created tools that eased antiquated workflows increasing efficiency and decreasing time spent on mundane tasks. From an tool tracker in Google Sheets to a environmental risk assessment tool for bridges and large culverts, Bradford worked with subject matter experts to find ways to bring information together and make that information shareable to all those involved. To date, almost all tools created are still in use!

Why are we telling you this? Because that’s why we are here, to make your life easier, to leverage your budget in your favor, and to enable you to more without complicating your coworker’s life or lives.

About Our Owner

Bradford Folta Jr. MPSc

Bradford Folta Jr. MPSc

Founder & Geospatial/Geomatic Project Architect

Bradford has a decade of unique experience in bringing a variety of data types and sets together in one place. It all started before he even finished his BA in Geology. He is fascinated by the idea that we can change the world for the better with proper geospatial systems and the effective use of geomatic tools.

Notable places of employment: 
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency | IKEA| Cape Cod National Seashore| University of Delaware -SHARP | Maine Department of Transporation

Only the Best


Short turn around time

We don’t know what slow means but we know what good work does. So we aim to make your system complete and be there for you.


We stay on the cutting edge

Don’t worry about the future holds. Just call us! We will tell you. We keep up on the technology so we know what’s coming. We work try to be as efficient as possible so you can be as efficient as possible.



We care about your legacy like we care about ours. We want to be the best and in return have the best customers.

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