Geospatial (GIS & CAD)

Geospatial systems and GIS come in so many forms it makes your head hurt! We like that hurt, that’s why we do what we do. From integrating CAD in GIS, creating and documenting effective and efficient workflows, all the way to setting you up for success, count on Honey Badger to bring your vision to life, and make it so common place that you can’t live without it!

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Getting your GIS off the ground quickly!

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Integration/Data Services

Bringing CAD, GIS, and others together.

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System Design/Architecting Services

The system you have can make or break the workflow. Building with best practices minimizes that!

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You don’t need 58 softwares that all do one thing. Let us minimize the pieces into a few/one.

Geospatial Services

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Whether ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online, we help get you where you want to go from beginning to end.

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Integration / Data Services

Not all platforms work with each other in a simple way nor does data always come in the perfect format. Let us help you get it where and how it needs to be.


System Design / Architecting Services

The right foundation is key to the right system. If you have a system that needs a better foundation, or looking for a system build from new.

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Not all things are 100% self contained. But Solutions get us pretty close. Learn how we can build a custom solution for you or assist with getting you started with a template!

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Training / Workflow Development

Training is excellent… if you use it. That’s why we also call it workflow development. Although training is essential if you use software and systems daily, it means you get better!

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Not all of us have time to go down online forums’ GIS/CAD rabbit hole. Ask us! We leverage our network, and If we don’t know, we are great at spelunking and getting answers.

Whether you’re just starting, or you already have a system in place!

One thing we can always be sure of is data never stops changing. That’s why we need tools and systems that support an ever-decreasing turnaround time with regard to data capture, processing, and visualization. That’s why Honey Badger does what it does. From data collection (Geomatics) to processing and visualization, we got you covered.

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