What we do

We build your Geospatial Foundations

ArcGIS Online & Enterprise Implementation

We build what you want, how you want it. We let you drive your system your way, and help when you need it!

Locational Data Audit & Advisement

Storing data is a nightmare… is there a right way? While no, but we help alleviate the mystery around what’s where and where should it be.

We Collect Data that you need

GPS, Drone, & Mobile LiDAR Data Collection

Sometimes you don’t have all the data, nor want to buy the equipment to collect it… We do though! We help get the data you need. No messy hand over, all the data you want, in your system from day 1 to last day.

We keep your Geospatial system running 


Training & Support

We help train you in your locational system and/or the tools you have acquired. If you still need help, we have three support plans that put us there for you! 

Industries We Serve

Local Government

Local Government

Parcel Mapping | Zoning | Assessing
Police | Fire | EMS
Infrastructure | Planning

Local Business

Local Business

Competitor Analysis | Sales Analysis
Customer Demographics |Smart Routing
Vehicle Tracking | Indoors Mapping

Small Utilities

Small Utilities

Asset Management | System of Record
Network Tracing | Smart Routing
Employee Tasking | Vehicle Tracking

Our Partners

Our Specialties

Release Ready Speciality
FAA Certified Pilot

Our Awards

GIS Award Winner 2020

Our Customers

Town of Windham
University of Main Logo
Gardner Water District
City of Auburn
Hallowell Water District - Client
Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe - Client - SRMT

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We view GIS not as a static thing but as a dynamic thing. We don’t even like to specialize in one subject matter. We are the GIS experts for that reason. We cover all areas and how we visualize by points, lines, polygons, and rasters.

No matter the size of your company, the dataset you deal with, or the industry. We use our Geospatial Expertise in unison with your Subject Matter Expertise to get you the information you want, share it with those you want to, integrate it with what you want, and all that is easy and makes sense to you.

Our goal isn’t to profit off you by selling you your own data, or a template placed on top of a Software as a Service (SaaS). We want to help you get off the ground and into the stratosphere!

We are old fashion in that way. We want to provide superior customer service, project management and so on, so you keep coming to us for all your future GIS needs.

That’s why we are aiming to build a company that not only nerd’s out about GIS for fun, but is passionate at helping you and your customers be successful.


Miles Scanned

Missing Assets Found

We’ve been GIS-ing as a company for since 2019 

Although we have only been in business for a short while, we have some pretty heavy hitting experience. With over 11+ years in almost every realm of Geospatial Technology, plus another 5+ years in data collection and GPS technology, Honey Badger Analytics is that company of know-it-all’s that gets the job done with our experience and expertise.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers has to say –>


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Technological Know-How, Efficiency, Good Old-Fashioned Work-ethic

We approach all of our projects with efficient methods and efficient technologies. Take a look the projects below to see what we used, and duration.

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