Building tools that give you answers, time, and money.

Save Time

Utilizing GIS not only shows where things are, it cuts out the paper, puts data on the phone, and updates all users within minutes of changes. No more back and forth phone calls, no more chasing the golden goose.

Know where things are

Can you tell me where all your assets are in a few minutes? Can you look up a record of said assets history? Now you can in mere seconds. No more chasing files for record 232 and again for 557, just type it in. Boom there it is!

Automate the B.S.

Tired of entering in mindless data that is already in another sheet?
Are you cutting and pasting all day to no avail? STOP IT!
They have things to do that now and it’s not anything special like coding… although their may be some code involved. It’s not bad thought.
Think about all that free time you’ll get to drink coffee or check out Facebook!

Communicate without talking

Keeping everyone on the same page is like herding angry cats already trapped in a closet together…. it’s a shit show no matter the outcome, and you’re tired of getting scratched. GIS can securely share your data to everyone you want. Skip the herding, lose the closet. Trust your data and see it live!

Case Studies

Tools that give you answers

Tools that give you time

Tools that give you money

Where Honey Badger fits into GIS

We Understand Your Needs and Problems

We want you to have the perfect system. That’s why we work with you to understand your needs and issues.

We Setup a format that makes sense to you.

Your workflow customized to you, to enable you, not hinder you.

We Implement, Train, & Support You

We want you to know just as much as we do.

That’s why we instead of giving you the fish we teach you how to fish!

What is GIS?

What can it do?

What does GIS look like?

Navigate your data with ease

ArcPro let’s you get the data exactly how you want. It allows you to work with CAD, in 3D, and even time. It truly integrates all your data into one place!

Verify Data Easily

Got someone who’s a bad data collector? It’s not their fault, it’s hot out there! With the data reviewer tools, you can assign rules, thresholds, and other checks to make sure your alerted to data mishaps before they go public!

Analyze Imagery Quickly

With the new tools inside, you can download, covert, merge, and work with imagery all in one place.
Lots of Imagery? Put it on the map!
Slope analysis? Done!
Rasters are faster in Pro

Set the Data Standard

Everyone can work on the same data with the same protocols or different ones. Workflows can truly be workflows moving data from one to another. Coordination without coordination. Making sure the work gets done, is done right, and is consistent.

Connect Everything

Collect, Inform, Share, Organize, Coordinate, and edit all your data while it changes across the organization!

ArcGIS Online gets you access to your data anywhere. It lets you share it with who you want, how you want. No need to get IT involved. Best part… all the pieces are online. No software to download or update, everything in one spot, accessible 24/7 x 365.


Get the to point, Walk the line, or Stay within the polygon using Navigator to navigate your data driven world.


Take control of your workforce with workforce. Assign new work orders, know where your workers are, and keep track of the never ending workflow!


Operations Dashboard

Keep everyone in the loop with metrics and analysis from data happening all over your system without need to constantly sync.


Find out the information that you can’t typically find out. Use this app to survey volunteers, get input from citizens, or collect specific data with a locational aspect!


A data collector app for those that need to change data system wide. Be updated in moments and communicate faster than ever.


Give people with no GIS skill the power of GIS in their hand. Let viewers see data anywhere in cell phone connectivity.

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