Putting your world at your finger tips

Everything is or has data, it’s all around us. Let us help you process it!

Honey Badger Analytics was born from watching the market slowly update customers with one piece of the data at a time. Knowing where your benches are isn’t going to help your electrical problem. Why only get one dataset at a time? Why can’t they all be collected at the same time? Why can’t we get the full picture? This is why we decided enough was enough and started our company.

Our thought is that every position at a company is important but why bother a person in a position with inefficient data processes, why not help them collect it and interpret it by setting up a workflow that allows said people to get and share the data they need well before they need it. Imagine if that was possible….

It is possible! It’s what we do, we want to make your life easier by helping with data collection, automated processes, and visualizations. Let us do the hard work with your data so your data works for you. 

So what is GIS?

It’s almost everything!

To say we could map it all would be dumb… or would it? We understand the common constraint for data collection is time and cost. That’s why we make it affordable and efficient in getting your data.

We don’t stop there though, we build the data with the tools that you want to use, we do it in a way that makes sense to you, and we advise you about the problems or issues that may be present with solutions.

Whether it’s a power pole, water shutoff valve, or even a bench in a park, we want your data sets to be complete and accurate. Most of all, we want to put your world into your hands.