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Where nomadic workers and carreers together!

How we divide our company careers


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Administrative Careers Track

Honey Badger doesn’t run without support staff; seriously, we map and collect data, and we would at loss without them. They make the company run and make sure we stay running!

Roles include:
– Administrative Assistant
– Office Manager
– Sales
– Marketing
– Public Relations

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Geomatics Careers Track

Field Technology Nerds! These are people who love technology, the problems that it causes, the solutions they come up with, and the playing with things that range from “this is a cool phone app” to “This thing cost more than my damn house or houses!”. These folks do the data collection.

Roles include:
– Geomatic Project Manager
– Geomatic Engineer
– Geomatic Technician

Within this division, each role specializes in the following areas: Scanning/LiDAR, Control/Survey, Drone Capture, etc.


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Geospatial Careers Track

Computer Nerds! These are the GIS-ers & or CAD-ers. They love to make things happen from a systems point of view and share it with the team and client(s).

Where Geomatics gathers the data, the Geospatial team makes it into something we can use and interpret or builds the system that makes it happen.

Roles Include:
– Geospatial Project Manager
– Geospatial Engineer
– Geospatial Technician

As with other roles in the company, each of these roles specializes in the following areas: GIS/CAD Implementation/ system building, Visualization/ Analysis, etc.

Guess what?
We don’t do the whole re-type your resume!

Administrative Position

Want to work in Admin?
Apply here!


Want to work in the field and measure things?
Apply Here!


Are you a GISer/CADer/Systems IT Guru?
Apply here!


We don't care where you live

Honey Badger Analytics is a disassociated office. Supposedly there are these things called USPS, UPS, FedEx, Email, Zoom…
If we need something we will tell you where to send it, if we need you, we will tell you where to be when we need you to be there, but for the most part you do you where ever that is!


We like the European set up

From benefits to time off, we understand that work shouldn’t define your life, unless that’s your thing. That’s why we want to take care of you. From medical coverage to child rearing, and equal pay for all genders and unlike others, pay transparency.


Paddle your own canoe

We want people who want to learn and grow into the next step or move to another area completely. We let you paddle your canoe and accommodate where we can!

Why work for us?

I want Honey Badger Analytics to be the representation of how data collection and mapping should be done. I want our staff to know subject areas well enough to understand what the respective clients need/want, but still maintain “whole picture” understanding of how it all works together. 

Doing Geomatics and Geospatial this way leads to a more connected and better connected world that we all live in. 

Bradford Folta – Owner 

That said, we want you to become the expert we hired you to be! We don’t care about your experience as much as we care about how you approach and solve problems.

We want to help you craft yourself with the skills you need but don’t know, master the skills you have, and to fully utilize that brain for things yet to be done. We don’t want just answers to the questions at hand, we want the new questions with those answers! 

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