The fact is the world runs because of you… Knowing where and how your stuff looks underground is next to impossible unless you were there when it was buried. Begin to future proof your system today, leveraging the Power of Location with ESRI and the muscle of Honey Badger Analytics.

GIS Zero to Hero!

Kick start your GIS with our Expertise

What's Included:
ArcGIS Online Implementation
10 Users: 4 Creators, 6 Field Workers

3 ArcGIS Online Solutions
Hub Basic Implementation

4 Training Hours
1 year Basic Support Plan

All for $10,000 USD
Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks

Within the first month of having ESRI's ArcPro and ArcGIS Online up and running the District had a large water main break. Without having to go back to the office, I was able to see the multiple valves I needed to shut off. This was the first time the transition from desktop to online really showed that we made the right move.

Zach Lovely

Superintendent, Hallowell Water District


Existing Data Review

We look at what’s there, what needs to be, what could be, and get it ready to start working for you as soon as it’s online.

Whether you are starting with ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise, we got you covered. We are system friendly!

With us there is no data hand-off or USB stick sent in the mail. From the moment we turn your ArcGIS Online/ Enterprise on, we are working in your system.

When we are done, we simply sign-out and have you remove us a user. Your system, your rules, your data!


Training (Lecture/Workshop)

What good would come from a system you didn’t know? Nothing… obviously. We are hands on, and allow you to be too.

That’s why training is often part of our natural course of work. We want you to know how to make things work and what things are possible. Along with that, what limitations data or workflows may have. Your data shouldn’t be an ancillary thing, it should be your everyday thing.

We make sure to train you accordingly.

“This is where you are, and this is where you could take it. But don’t do this…”


Data Cleaning (Adding to, updating, enriching)

Once you have your system the way you want it, we offer assistance with getting information into your system, enriching data, or simply going out in the field and collecting new data.

We can even collect data for you, provide the tools and guidance to do it yourself, or can do a little of both!

As an SxBlue GPS re-seller, a affordable GPS brand, we can get you set up with devices that give you the accuracy and consistently you want so you can be in charge of your own data collection!



Not everyone can know what we know in the depth we know it. We get it!

But that’s why we offer support plans. With three main levels, we want to make sure you are successful!

Whether you need us a lot, or not so much, we want you to know we have a plan for you. Leverage us a lot, or not at all, we leave it up to you and will be there no matter what!

Ask us about how we can support you today!

Conventional Services

Software Implementation

ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Enterprise
ArcGIS Pro

Data Collection

Sub-meter to Centimeter Accuracy
Mappillary Collection & Implementation


2 Hour Online
1/2 Day
Full Day
Topics adjusted to meet request



As Needed Project Services


Data Conversion

Excel Data
Data Enrichment

Data Cleaning

GIS Data Review
Data Formatting
Metadata Correction

Georeferencing & Drawing Services

Image or PDF Overlays
Data Tracing
Layout Printing (Up to 24")


Coordinate System Correction
Coordinate System Troubleshooting

Third Party Integrations

SCADA Systems
API Integrations
FME Style Translations

Project Planning & Think Tank Services

Project or System Design
Tool Development
Current System Limitations & Pathways Consulting

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