Hallowell Water District Implementation

Project Objective:

  1. Review, compile, and clean existing data.
  2. Review license capabilities and implement ArcGIS Online.
  3. GPS collect new assets, and correct requested assets with sub-meter GPS.
  4. Addition of swing tie CAD Images to assets for location of subsurface assets.



  • 3-D Water Asset Map (Just because we could!)

Turn Around Time: < 1 Month

Total Cost: < $10,000

2020 ESRI Special Achievement of GIS (SAG) Award Winners

What can they do now?

Hallowell Water District (HWD) went from working with paper maps to digital maps in under a month. Data was consolidated and formatted into a consistent form. This way updates can be applied to the same points without need for taking new points. This allows HWD to keep their data up to date in near real-time rather than contracting out data collection or having a to purchase a GPS unit.

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