Hallowell Water District

ArcGIS Online Implementation, ArcGIS Hub, Collector for ArcGIS, & 3-D Webmaps

  • Date: June 2019
  • Client: Hallowell Water District
  • Project Type: Implementation

About this Project

“All I want is a damn map that works on my phone” was the essential prompt we got from the superintendent of Hallowell Water District. After getting the damn map on his phone, Zach then asked us “What else can it do?”… Zach runs a water district comprised of himself and a part-time office manager.

We started like everyone should, reviewing what he had for licenses, what he could do, and how we could get him there. The water district already had the majority of it’s data collected, but no decent compilation or presentation of it. Worst of all, they didn’t have any decent way to maintain it.

Now Hallowell Water District has…

  • Upgraded from ArcMap 10.3 to ArcGIS Pro & ArcGIS Online Implementation
  • Collector for ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS Hub
  • Webapps for editing, another for reference
  • 3-D Webapp for pressure calculations

All these tools come together to create a more effective workflow for Hallowell Water District that they could use immediately.  

All for less than $600.00 per year 

That’s $11.53 a week..

Hallowell Water's ArcGIS Hub

Hub helps present Hallowell Water share information from board of trustees meetings, acts as a website to share any new information, and gives access and ability for Hallowell Water to share information with other organizations both publically and privately.  

Fire Hydrant Webapp

Need to know where a hydrant in Hallowell is? Look no further! Hallowell Water wanted citizens and firefighters access to the data they had stored with regard to hydrants. Now customer or firefighters at anytime can quickly navigate the city and find or locate the nearest hydrant within a matter of minutes.

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